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Vicomte Cask Strength Single Malt Review

Producer: Vicomte/Venturi Brands. Distiller: undisclosed. Region:Poitou-Charentes, France. ABV: 67.8%. Age: nine years.

Vicomte Single Malt’s standard 8-year-old release was a very pleasant surprise for me last year. It’s made in France’s Cognac region from organic local barley, and aged in first-fill cognac barrels. It was among the best French malts I’ve tried–my only quibble was with the somewhat underpowered 40% ABV.

Problem solved. Vicomte’s new Cask Strength adds another year of age and dials the intensity up to a massive 67.8% ABV. Naturally, that gives you all the room in the world to dial in your ideal strength, or serves as a very potent cocktail base.

The whisky is distilled from all-organic French barley from Poitou-Charentes. It’s a dram full of overripe fruit, chocolate-covered cherries, and old-school candy shop sweets, though the oak and spice balance them well. The nose also has hints of peppermint candy, pound cake, and young leather. The palate has strong cherry notes–maraschino cherries, sour cherries in syrup, even Cherry coke–but with the sweetness well under control, even at full strength. The spice emerges through the medium-long finish.

Vicomte Cash Strength is currently in 22 states, with more to come. If you’re cognac-minded or looking to explore more Continental single malts, check it out.

Cheers, friends! – BO

A company representative graciously provided a sample for review. As always, our opinions are 100% our own.

Vicomte Single Malt Whisky Review

Producer: Vicomte. Distiller: undisclosed. ABV: 40%. Age: 8 years. Price: $40.

Much as I love Scotch, I’m always eager to try single malts from around the world–especially when they bring not just variety and novelty appeal, but genuine deliciousness. Vicomte French Single Malt absolutely fits the bill.

Double-distilled on copper pot stills from organic barley from Poitou-Charentes. Eight years old, aged in ex-Cognac barrels. Fairly priced at around $40, and one stunning package.

Nose: lovely round overripe fruit basket to start. Cognac notes familiar from the Brenne French single malt, but without that troublesome bubblegum note that spoils the party for some folks. Morello cherries. Rum-soaked plum.

Palate: Demerara sugar and fermented fruits–recalls the delicious Balvenie 14 Carribean Cask, but with some oak tannins containing the sweetness. A bit more black cherry. Finish: grilled peaches and a very appealing prickle of spice.

I’ll make my inevitable cry of “my kingdom for 3-6% more ABV,” but even at 40% ABV, the Victomte has plenty going on. (And the company has hinted that a cask strength bottling may be on the way…here’s hoping.) Cognac-curious Scotch lovers and Scotch-curious cognac lovers alike should check it out.

Cheers, friends! – BO

Vicomte graciously provided a sample for review. As always, our opinions are 100% our own.