Glen Moray 10 Chardonnay Cask

Glen Moray 10 Chardonnay Cask Review

Glen Moray 10 Chardonnay Cask – Distiller: Glen Moray. Region: Speyside. ABV: 40%. No age statement. Price: $25-28.

If there’s a better deal in single malt than the Glen Moray 10 Chardonnay Cask, I haven’t found it.

Glen Moray is a Speyside distillery that’s quietly bottling some of the best values in the game, together with Tomatin and anCnoc. This sub-$30 GM 10-year-old Chardonnay Cask is a fine example. (Another is Glen Moray’s no-age-statement Port Cask Finish, which Thane reviewed here.) The distillery’s reputation does seem to be rising these days, and rightly so. It helps that Glen Moray Master Distiller Graham Coull has become a visible and high-spirited presence on Twitter.

On to the tasting. The Glen Moray 10 Chardonnay Cask starts with a nose of white grape, white peach, and pear stewed in white wine. Sweet golden malt. Caramel, toasty lemon danish.

The palate hews closely to the nose at first, with a lovely, lively mouthfeel. Then some wildflower honey. Sweetness, spice, and tannins in an elegant dance. Wine barrel. Vanilla fudge.

The finish is medium-long, with tannins nicely rounding out the baked fruit profile.

The only minus here is the 40% ABV, but there’s plenty of substance and flavor to it all the same. And at the price, it can’t be beat.

Cheers, friends! – BO

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