Glen Scotia Double Cask Review

Distiller: Glen Scotia. Region: Campbeltown. ABV: 46%. No age statement. Price: $50.

It was a pleasure kicking off last weekend with another tasty dram from the Loch Lomond Group: the Glen Scotia Double Cask. Scotia is one of the few Campbeltown distilleries in operation today, though the region was once the distilling capital of Scotland, with 32 active distilleries. Springbank is the single malt distillery most whisky lovers associate with Campeltown–and a personal favorite of mine–though Glen Scotia deserves attention too.

The no-age-statement Double Cask is part of Glen Scotia’s new core range. The name refers to its two-part maturation: first-fill bourbon casks, followed by Pedro Ximenez sherry butts.

The nose isn’t a shy one. Tons of rich salted caramel, with a slight musty parchment note. Buttery popcorn. Sugar cookies. Some stewed sherry fruits. The body is dense, and the palate mixes sweet, savory, and spicy: toffee, roast chicken with balsamico, then ground ginger and white pepper. The finish is medium-long, with buttery peanut brittle and a touch of gunpowder smokiness toward the end.

Distinct, unique, substantial at 46% ABV, and very fairly priced. Looking forward to more good things from Glen Scotia! – BO

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