anCnoc Blas Review

Distiller: Knockdhu. ABV: 54%. No age statement. Region: Highlands. Price: $65-75.

Summery at long last in LA. I’m celebrating with an anCnoc Blas.

As you may know from my recent rave about the anCnoc 12, I’ve been mighty impressed with the lesser-known Highland distillery of Knockdhu, which releases single malts under the anCnoc brand to avoid confusion with Knockando. The standard-issue 12 is a surefire daily drinker and an outstanding value.

The Blas (Gaelic for “taste”) is no less appealing. It’s a no age statement release, but has the benefit of being near cask-strength at 54% ABV. The special edition labeling is by Scottish tailor and menswear designer Patrick Grant. The exact connection connection between the designer and the distillery is unclear to me, but what matters, as always, is what’s in the bottle.

The nose starts off occluded–packed tight with candied fruits and sweet barrel notes waiting to get out. The palate’s where it really shows its stuff. Slightly overripe fruit salad. Dried orange and lemon peel. Medium body. With some water, all kinds of fragrant wood notes bloom: cedar, clove, fir. The finish rounds out the sweet profile with drier, tannic flavors: Chardonnay barrel and sautéed mushroom. Delicious.

Every bit as enjoyable as the 12-year-old, with the built-in cask-strength fun of drawing nuances out with time and water. Time to pour another.

Cheers, friends! – BO

A company representative graciously provided a sample for review. As always, our opinions are 100% our own.

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