Ardbeg Blasda Review

Distiller: Ardbeg. ABV: 40%. No age statement. Region: Islay.

We’ve seen Ardbeg turn up the peat in their series of Supernova releases, but they did just the opposite with the Blasda–a minimally peated (8ppm) release of 18,000 bottles.

Some Ardbeg disciples would call it sacrilege, but I embraced the opportunity to taste what those stills on the southern coast of Islay could distill without ultra-peated barley.

There’s still light smoke on the nose, mixed with interesting sweet notes. The palate shows some youth, and has a citrus base with light sweet candied flavors and slight sea salt. Subtle smoke is on the finish.

It’s definitely not your typical Arbeg, but I support distillers breaking their own mold sometimes. Cheers! – JTR

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