Lot 40 Rye Review

Distiller: Hiram Walker. ABV: 43%. Age: NAS. Mashbill: 90% rye, 10% malted rye. Price: $45-55.

Hiram Walker’s Lot 40 Canadian Rye has a well-deserved reputation as one of the finest widely available ryes on the market today. Canadian whisky guru Davin de Kergommeaux calls it “a contemporary masterpiece,” and K&L Wines praised it as “the best rye whiskey we’ve tasted since stalwarts like Sazerac 18 and older Willett bottles became dreams rather than reality.”

What I admire most about the Lot 40 is its versatility. It has depth and complexity that make it a great daily sipper but it works equally well in cocktails–my favorite being a Manhattan).

Produced from 100% rye (10% of which is malted), it has a nose with wonderful rye and sweet fruity notes, combined with earthy spice and light citrus. There’s a brightness and purity through it all, nearly like that of a great Calvados.

The palate is loaded with rye and notes of peppery spice mixed with candied apple, freshly peeled oranges, and light oak. The long finish refocuses back on the beautiful earthy rye notes, which are what I enjoy most about this whisky.

This one’s special. Don’t pass it up.

Cheers! – JTR

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