Kilkerran Bourbon Wood Review

Distiller: Glengyle/Springbank. ABV: 46%. Age: 10 years old. Region: Campbeltown. Price: $65.

As a huge Springbank fan, it was a very happy accident when I stumbled across the Kilkerran Sherry Wood Work-in-Progress at one of my go-to whisk(e)y bars recently. I’m even happier that Whisky Rover advised me to try the Bourbon Wood as well. It’s marvelous.

Kilkerran’s works-in-progress releases have been getting a year older with each successive batch as it ramps up for the release of its permanent 12-year-old releases in 2016, This Bourbon Wood is Batch 6, the second-to-last annual work-in-progress release by the Springbank-owned Glengyle distillery. Amusingly–and fortuitously–Springbank opened Glengyle as a way to maintain the 3-distillery minimum to keep Campbeltown from losing its designation as a Scotch whisky region.┬áThe Batch 7 cask strength is the one that knocked Whisky Rover’s socks off–but this one’s a heck of a beauty too.

Gorgeous nose of stewed and spiced stone fruits. Marzipan. Nougat. White chocolate. And a little smoked-ham meatiness. It just keeps unfolding in the glass. Early on I thought: the palate can’t live up to this! But it does. Everything from the nose, plus gingerbread with frosting. Long finish of lemon and white pepper.

Can’t wait for the permanent line next year–but happily, we don’t have to. Seek this and the Batch 7 out, friends! You’ll be happy you did. -BO

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