Hudson Four Grain Bourbon Review

Distiller: Tuthilltown Distillery. 46% ABV. NAS. Mashbill: 60% corn, undisclosed proportions of rye, wheat, and malted barley. Price: $50 for 375ml.

Tuthilltown Distillery is a pioneer NY state microdistiller that won the national distribution lottery after being purchased by William Grant & Sons in 2010. Raft of awards aside, the knock on Hudson/Tuthilltown is that they coast on their excellent packaging and early reputation, while selling underaged spirits matured (mostly) in 3-gallon barrels that do the product few favors — for the equivalent of $100 for a 750.

That said, the Four Grain is the best-reviewed of their current offerings. So how is it?

From a fresh bottle, the raw green oak and biting spirit make it almost painful to nose. A few pours (and some time) in, the rawness subsides enough to let some apricot and sourdough through. The palate is more complex and successful, reflecting the mashbill’s relatively rare blend of four grains. I get burnt apple pie, clove, and pine.

It’s easy to see why Hudson whiskies sell: they look great, draw the curious, and seem like a perfect gift. And I like this one more than the other Hudsons I’ve tried. But for $100 for 750ml of whiskey, there aren’t just a dozen big boys I’d pick over this, there are quite a few microdistillers too. – BO

(Addendum: Haven’t seen them on the shelf in CA yet, but I’ve heard that 750ml bottles of the Hudson Baby Bourbon are showing up in stores with a price tag of $60 — definitely more appropriate.)

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