Westland Sherry Wood American Single Malt Review

Distiller: Westland. 46% ABV. Age: 2+ years. Grain bill: 100% malted barley. Price: $70.

You know what I love more than almost anything? The “now I get it” moment. Never comes at the start of a bottle, even one that’s great from the first sip. It’s usually a few days/drams in.

Just had mine with the Westland Sherry Wood last night. This Seattle-made single malt is the third release in Westland’s core range, which includes their standard single malt and a peated version. The Sherry Wood comes from a grain bill that includes Washington, Munich, and pale chocolate malt, and is aged “at least” 26 months, first in new American oak and ex-bourbon casks, then in ex-Oloroso and Pedro Jimenez sherry butts.

Give this one time. The first impression was just pure, unadulterated sweet sherry. Not a finish, but a 50-50 whiskey-sherry mix. Two nights later, maple syrup, cookie dough, and raisins emerged. Then last night: wow. There’s the malt, rich and decadent. Cocoa. Ginger. Roasted nuts. And the other notes now beautifully integrated.

How soon can I make it up to Seattle? – BO

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