Colonel E.H. Taylor Straight Rye Review

Distiller: Buffalo Trace. 50% ABV.  Mashbill: rye and barley (proportions undisclosed, but at least 51% rye, likely higher, and no corn). Price: $60-70.

The Colonel E.H. Taylor Rye is part of the Buffalo Trace lineup honoring whiskey legend Edmund Haynes Taylor, Jr., great-nephew to President Zachary Taylor and proponent of the bottled-in-bond act.

It’s fascinating to taste this side-by-side with one of the many fine LDI ryes out there: think Willett 8-year-old rye or Bulleit’s standard-issue rye. Massive contrast. While the LDIs jump out of the glass with candied lemon, burnt orange, maybe mint and chamomile, and always a ton of sweetness, the Taylor’s a different story.

The Taylor is darker on the nose, enigmatic, subtler…fresh-baked squaw bread. Then you taste it: bam. Dark coppery funk. Molasses stuck to a cast-iron skillet. Family resemblance to the wild and divisive Taylor Small Batch Bourbon, but this is my favorite of the two.

Plenty of great LDI-distilled ryes out there. This BT original is something all its own. – BO

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