Rock Hill Farms Single Barrel Bourbon Review

Distiller: Buffalo Trace. 50%. Mash bill 2 – like Blanton’s and ETL – meaning relatively high rye of 12-15%. NAS but estimated 8-10 years.

Wow. Went to my local planning to grab the Elmer T. Lee and somehow this called to me instead. So glad it did. Rock Hill Farms single barrel from Buffalo Trace. Think of it as Blanton’s Plus.

Corn sweetness, baking spice, rich, mouth-coating, and with a kick. A few drops of water and it comes alive even more. Blanton’s was one of the first bourbons for me, as for many others, that woke me up to what American whiskey was all about.

While I’ll never turn down a Blanton’s – and that little horse makes me happy all by itself – this is a step up in terms of depth and richness. Hats off, Buffalo Trace! – BO

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  1. I agree with you 100% , rock hill is one of my all time favorites . Please let me know what you think of wathens bourbon .

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