Green Spot Irish Whiskey Review

Distiller: Mitchell & Sons. ABV: 40%. No age statement, estimated 8-9 years. Price: $50.

Can a 40% ABV Irish pot still whiskey renowned for its delicacy still knock the socks off a sipper living in a barrel-strength world?

It can if it’s the Green Spot.

From Dublin’s Mitchell & Sons, this 8-9 year old pure pot still blend is 25% aged in sherry casks. K&L Wines whiskey guru David O-G says it’s “solidly considered one of the world’s great whiskies.” Now I know why.

Subtler than the Redbreast, but every bit as delicious. Give it 5-10 minutes in the glass. Copper, wildflower honey, jasmine in bloom, Oloroso–a touch. Hot damn.

They got this one right. And it’s getting around. Jump on it and learn just how good Irish whiskey can be. – BO

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