Michter’s US#1 Straight Rye Review

Producer: Michter’s/Chatham Imports. Distiller: undisclosed Kentucky distiller. ABV: 42.4%. Age: 3 years. Mashbill: undisclosed. Price: $40.

There are some days when I’m really in the mood to just drink rye whiskey. Sometimes I’ll go the cocktail approach, but most of the time I prefer it neat.

I’ve been revisiting all of Michter’s standard releases, and their US#1 Straight Rye whiskey has joined my short list of go-to ryes. Michter’s bottles a straight rye that’s 3 years old and from an undisclosed Kentucky distillery. By law it has to be from a mashbill of at least 51% rye, but Michter’s doesn’t disclose anything further on the recipe.

On to the juice. On the nose are notes of light spicy rye, caramel covered apples, and freshly cut wood. Sweet rye dominates the palate, which has brown sugar, cinnamon, and slight chocolate notes. Vanilla and spice combine in its lovely finish.

On those days that call for an all-around good rye, I’m glad this is one of the ones on my shelf. What are some of your daily drinking ryes? – JTR

3 thoughts on “Michter’s US#1 Straight Rye Review”

  1. Pikesville is my favorite. I also like to go to Russell’s SB Rye. Then, I also like to go to young ryes and when I’m in that mood I pour either FEW Rye, StilL 630’s RallyPoint Rye, or Willett’s 2 or 3 year FE Rye. I gues I just like rye! Cheers!

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